Projecting towards a possible future is a presentation of the outcome of a first
research based collection on analogue film practice in Beirut.
Filmmakers Siska (Beirut / Berlin) and Philip Widmann (Berlin) gathered information on the
former Kodak laboratory for Super 8 and 16mm films that was shut down
during the civil war.

This glimpse into the infrastructure of private film production in Lebanon aims
at a possible re installation of a film laboratory for amateur formats in Beirut.
Drawing on models of self-organized, artist-run and non-profit laboratories for
hand-processing and experimenting with Super 8 and 16mm existing in
Europe, the Americas, and Asia, Projecting Towards a Possible Future is
an exploration of the possibilities to create a space in Beirut for the work with
film as handicraft.

The presentation took place in 98 weeks project space Beirut
 from April 29th till the 1st of May 2011